Tvarovatelný chránič zubů Americký fotbalový chránič úst

Minimální množství objednávky: 500 kusů
Stav dostupnosti:
  • Gy-MG200-chrome modrá

Lip Protection Breathable Universal Fit Convenient Multipurpose Mouthguard with Connectable Strap:

• SAFE TO USE: Our mouth guards are made of food grade TPE material, which is safe to put into the mouth. When you feel more confident, you perform better.

• EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: The large breath hole enables superior airflow. Increase oxygen intake would improve performance, and help faster recovery, clearer thinking and faster reaction times during the game.

• CONVENIENCE: No boiling required. The mouth guard is ready to use once opened. You can use the included removable matching strap to attach the football mouthpiece to your helmet.

• UNIVERSAL FIT: One size fit most. The size is designed to fit both teens and adults. This multipurpose mouth guard can be used in different scenarios other than football game. It protects not only your teeth, but also your lips. It is also compatible with braces.

• FASHIONABLE DESIGN: Our chromed outer shell makes the mouth guard much more eye-catching. You can keep your style even in the game.

• CUSTOMIZATION: Customized logo stickers or water transfer printing decals.





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